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Tuesday, Nov 6, 8 AM

PRElection voters have declared Romney a landslide winner in Tuesday's presidential election.  With a margin that grew after each presidential debate, Romney settled in with a 17 point lead over Obama for most of the last few weeks. No events, rallies are news seemed to shake this result. The real test will be in the actual election results that we should hear by late this evening. Did PRElection voters Predict the Election? Let's find out. Also, download the app now and tell us how you voted!

The PREsults statistics are where the power of PRElection really comes into play.  This is where we PREdict the elections!

PRElection is not a poll.  PRElection users actually vote for their candidate, and can change their vote if they change their mind.  Undecided voters can vote "Undecided" initially, and later cast a ballot for the candidate they decide upon.  If a voter has  cast a ballot for one candidate, and later changes their mind, they update their vote, and the PREsults are updated instantly!  Most importantly, there is only one vote counted per device.  If a voter updates their vote for the same candidate every hour, PRElection records the multiple votes, but only the most recent vote is included in the PREsults.

The PRElection app shows the individual results of the Presidential race and each Senate and House race.  You can easily see the vote count and percentage of the vote received by each candidate in each race.  Additionally, the Overall PREsults available from the App's Home Screen shows the status of the Presidential race, the number of seats PREdicted for the Senate and House for Democrats, Republican and Independents.

PRElection always has the results of ALL votes, whether they have changed or remained the same, so at any given time, we are looking at a snapshot of the results that would be achieved if the election were held right now.  The PREdictive power of PRElection exceeds what any poll could achieve, because we the entire PRElection electorate is effectively making their choice known all day, everyday.

The PREsults shown in the app include all U.S. voters, both verified and unverified.  But the votes that really count are the ones from voters that have chosen to Get Verified.

Overall Results - Tue Nov 6

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Verified PREsults

Using the demographics provided by verified voters, PRElection can break down the voting results by state, age, sex, ethnicity, education and many other categories. We can even let you know how many voters changed their votes, for example as the result of a debate, a policy announcement, a speaking engagement, or world or local events.  PRElection knows how many voters changed their votes, how many remained unchanged, and how many reinforced their vote by casting a ballot for the same candidate again - what a great way to make a statement of conviction.  But, as always, only the most recent vote is counted in the final PREsults.

Verified PREsults are available for use by the candidates and by news and other media outlets.

To learn more about Verified PREsults, contact us:

PRElection Verified PREsults
Curt Renshaw