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Candidate Support

We are here to help you make the most of the PRElection app. In addition to allowing users to vote (and update their vote) for candidates, we allow you to reach users directly in several ways. The first step is to contact us for a user name and password to log into the candidate’s private profile page. We will need to verify that you are a legitimate contact for the candidate or party before we provide access.


Candidate Photo


The candidate or party can replace the photo used for the candidate or team for free.  Photos are only available for Presidential candidates.


PREview Candidate


This option from the PRElection app takes the user to a web page on PRElection servers. The content of this page is controlled by the candidate or party, and may be updated or changed often. There is a fee associated with initially establishing this page, and a fee to make changes once established. If the candidate or party opts not to provide their own page, the PREview candidate page will state, “This candidate hasn’t set up a PREview page.”




This option redirects the user to the candidate or party’s page to allow for donations to the candidate or party. There is a fee associated with establishing this link. This link cannot be activated if the party or candidate has not provided any PREview information.


PUSH Notifications


Candidates or parties may send “PUSH” notification to users of the app. Instructions for content and size limitations are provided on the candidate’s private profile page. PUSH notifications allow the candidate to provide announcements such as encouraging watching of upcoming speeches or debates, or making urgent requests for donations. There is a fee associated with PUSH notifications, and there is a limit to how frequently PUSH notifications may be used at one push per day per candidate (overwhelming users with Push notifications may result in the user disabling this important feature).




The real PREdictive power of PRElection is in the PREsults. PRElection keeps detailed demographics of every vote. These include, for example, party affiliation, age, ethnicity, education, income level and marital status. PRElection also records the time of every vote, and how many votes have changed and when.  In addition to providing raw PRElection summaries (available to any user of the app), custom reports are available on a subscription or per request basis.  View the PREsults page to learn more.


Contact us:


In order to promote your candidate or party in the PRElection App, you must contact us. PRElection and Apps4Life, LLC will verify that you represent either the candidate or the candidate’s party, and have authority and standing to provide or update information about the candidate and to run ads on behalf of the candidate or the party.


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